Offshore Skid Units

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Series # Model
IED 1050 Modular Aluminum Computer Skid Unit
IED 950 Modular Aluminum Perforator Skid Unit
IED 650 Modular Aluminum Heli-Skid
IED 500 Modular Split-Drum Heli-Skid
IED 400 Modular Mineral Logger


Skid Units

Our models convey wireline tools in and out of the well. They are  transportable, rugged and self contained. The skid consists of these major components. A drum for spooling the wire, a hydraulic system to power the drum, a power source or prime mover to drive the hydraulics and an enclosed operator’s cab which houses the controls and the computer system for recording.

Offshore Skid Units
Offshore Skid Units

Long-lasting Performance

Units are built to customer specifications. All the functions found in a land based truck are replicated in this offshore skid unit. These units require only electric power which is supplied by the rig. They can be stored, transported and operated as a single self-contained unit.

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