Tensiometers Handle Any Force

Part # Model
0800-01 Electronic (Digital) Tensiometer
0700-00 Mechanical Measuring Head
0600-01 Slick-line Measuring Head
1096-01 Electronic TDR with Temperature readout
1096-00 Electronic TDR line speed-depth only
0800-02 Electronic conversion (Gearhart style heads electronic weight & digital depth panels, included

Our Running Line Tensiometer System

Display Overview
The display’s control panel is presented in digital and graphical form on a liquid-crystal display (LCD). Information is presented on various screens which are user selectable. Some screens include graphs, while others include large digital readings . The weight indicator is (digital and analog) with bar graph displays. The wireline speed indicator is programmable, with sets and limits. The digital odometer has audible set points, and a 100′ warning bell all arranged with operator ergonomics in mind. The unit provides signals to external monitors or computer logging systems. This instrument can be supplied as a panel mount or a rack mount.

A. Tension: 0-25,000 Ibs in 5 lb increments 
B. Velocity: 0-5,000 fpm in 1 ft. increments (up or down +/-) 
C. Total Depth: 0-100,000′ in 1 ft. increments 
D. Net Depth: 0-100,000′ in 1 ft. increments 
E. Digital & Analog Outputs (4-20mA)
F. Graphic LCD (240×128 pixel) 12 VDC operation fully adjustable backlight
G. BCD interface port, (RS232 / RS485)
H. Rack-mounted or custom operations panel installation. 
I. Programmable external keyboard micro-processor 
J. Programmable set points w/indicators 
K. Full instrumentation for above including electrical harness
L. Panel mount, NEMA 4X (optional stainless steel enclosure on panel mount)

IEDi Force Measurement Load Cell 
This model load cell is the only unit in the industry with 50% overload without zero shift at 3 millivolts per volt full scale sensitivity. This means more microvolts per pound, or much better system accuracy without sacrifice of desired overload capacity. An all-welded stainless steel hermetically-sealed housing reduces corrosion effects.

Rated output (mv/v) open circuit 3mv/v 
Excitation(DC Volts) Maximum 5 to 15 vdc
Bridge Resistance(ohms)Maximum(output) 350+/-0.5% 
Non-linearity %FS +/-0.05 
Hysteresis %FS +/-0.05
Repeatability %FS +/-0.02 
Operating Temp range -65 to + 250 F 
Creep-%FSin 20 Min. 0.003 
Overload 50% over capacity

IEDi Heavy Duty Optical Encoder
The IEDi encoder uses the latest design in Opto IC technology. A single Phased Array Opto ASIC which combines multiple photo diodes, amplifiers, comparators and temperature compression circuits all on one monolithic chip preventing drift over time and temperature. The unit has stainless shaft with seal and aircraft grade cast aluminum housing. A unique stainless steel disc is used for ridgity and robustness eliminating fragile glass discs, and the “disc centering” of glass discs.


Voltage 5 VDC (7-24 optional)
Current 150 mA max 
Ripple 2% 
Regulation +/-5% 


Amplitude 80% of input voltage(min) 
Current Sink up to 20 milliamperes on multi-output units 
Polarity Positive 
Wave Shape Square wave, 50% on 50% off 
Pulse rate up to 20,000 per second 
Rise time less than 1 microsecond 
Pulse per Revolution 1 to 1270 
Accuracy +/- 0.1 degrees from one pulse to any other pulse. 


Temperature -40 to 100 degrees C 
Shock 50 G’s at 11 milliseconds 
Vibration 5 to 200 Hz @ 20 G’s
Humidity 98% RH without condensation

The latest innovation from IEDi is an electronic running line measuring systems. IEDi’s Wireline Tensiometer measures running line tension, feet discharged, and rate of discharge. The straight-line design of this unit reduces the bending of the wireline cable as it passes through the unit, thus increasing wireline life. It is constructed of machined T6 aluminum components using all stainless steel fasteners. It also utilizes a new composite axle bearing further enhancing durability. Unique among all measuring heads is IEDi’s use of a high-tech composite material replacing conventional steel sheaves. This composite material is self-lubricating and has a lower mass greatly reducing rotational inertial loads normally associated with heavy steel, while retaining its astonishing strength characteristics. 
The unique electronic load cell is all stainless steel and hermetically welded to insure water tightness. The sealed optical encoder used is also unique as it uses no glass reflectors. This new design of encoder uses a highly -polished stainless steel mirror that guarantees enhanced durability and performance. 

There have been three distinctly different techniques for monitoring wireline conditions on logging trucks and offshore skid units, used to log wells in the oil industry. Most other measuring heads are 35 year old designs utilizing a tension load cell supporting the top rigging sheave on the mast, and a mechanical depth measuring mechanism on the steering boom and triangle pulley measuring head using selsyn and hydraulic load cell. 

These have no comparison with IEDi’s “State of the Art” all electronic, Wireline Tensiometer System. 

Pictured above is IEDi’s newest running wireline Tensiometer used by an ever growing list of the leading Wireline Service Companys around the world. The unit is shown complete with load cell and optical encoder. Included as part of the system is a separate digital/analog module, displaying line velocity, line discharge, line tension for panel or rack mounting.

Why composite wheels? Proper radius composite wheels reduce wear on the cable during use. The lower weight greatly reduces slippage during sudden start/stop operations. Guaranteed longer wireline life is achieved with self-lubricated composite wheels.

Why stainless steel loadcells? Stainless steel construction is much less susceptible 
to corrosion and very rugged. The use of bonded foil and semiconductor gages insures high reliability and stability. 

Why use phased array encoder? There are no ceramic mirrors used in the reader that can be broken the use of all metal code discs. A single Opto-ASIC commutation track insures stability. The reader can withstand 64 g’s of abuse without damage. The encoder is hermetically sealed to prevent corrosion.

Why aluminum construction? High strength CNC machined, marine grade aluminum components are used for strength, non-corrosion and light weight issues. A weight savings of 81 lbs. is saved over steel materials.

Why purchase from International Equipment? 

International Equipment is the evolution of a progressive company for over 20 years. We have always tried to set the pace with the best products available to the industry. We were there then, we are here now, and we will be here tomorrow

We continue to be a trusted supplier to many of the 
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